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FREELADY is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device which has been specifically designed to assist in the relief of menstrual and endometriosis pain.

How does it Work?
FREELADY sends small electronic signals into the body via electrodes which are placed onto the skin. The stimulus aids the relief of pain in 3 ways:
1. By blocking the pain messages from reaching the brain via the nerves.
2. By stimulating the release of the body’s own naturally occurring pain-relieving endorphins.
3. By providing a distraction whilst the pain is occurring.

Freelady Freelady
The FREELADY TENS stimulator is shown
with its adjustable controls on the
front of the stimulator.)
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Types of Menstrual Pain
During menstruation, the intensity, character and location of pain varies – thus affecting the extent to which menstrual pain influences each woman’s physical and emotional well-being. Moreover, menstrual pain is not the same each and every month, and of course, menstrual pain also varies from woman to woman.
Despite these variables there are at least three distinct categories of menstrual pain that are usually differentiated and identified among most women.
• The first, referred pain – is a clear, well-defined pain, whose location is relatively easy to pinpoint. This type of pain (regardless of its location, intensity and sharpness), is characterised by the fact that practically every woman can isolate and identify “the field of pain” on her body – that is, define and point to its location and boundaries on her body’s surface.
• The second, radiating pain – branches out and affects parts of the body far removed from the source of pain. The areas typically affected include the hips or thighs, the lower back and/or waist, sometimes reaching as far as the shoulders and neck.
• The third is a dull, distant, hard to define pain that is extremely difficult to pinpoint accurately, and is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, pressure and overall discomfort. Most woman can identify “the field of pain” belonging to the first category of “referred pain”. The pain is strong and sharp and is felt on the surface (the skin). This is the target area that the FREELADY aims at treating.

Using your FREELADY
You’ll find your FREELADY extremely easy to use (as outlined below).
1. Attach the electrodes to your skin (below the ‘belly-button’, in the supra pubic area).
2. Connect the electrodes to the stimulator unit using the supplied cable.
3. Turn ON the stimulator and adjust its amplitude (strength).

• FREELADY is a pocket sized device. FREELADY is very simple to use and may be placed on a belt or attached to your briefs. When not in use, it can be carried in your pocket or in a handbag. The FREELADY is comfortable and unobtrusive under your clothes.
• “Set and Forget” stimulation settings. No need to continuously control the intensity.
• FREELADY is simple to use, non-invasive and drug free,
• FREELADY initiates the action of the body’s own natural pain relieving mechanisms.
• FREELADY is used to provide a background level of ‘distraction’ to which any other form of analgesia may be added if required.
• FREELADY may be used at home or work but must be removed prior to a shower, bath etc.
• FREELADY allows you to be fully mobile and manage your pain.
• FREELADY can be easily be discontinued at any time.

Eternally grateful for the FREELADY TENS unit

I have been using the FREELADY TENS stimulator for over a year now and it has been my lucky day when I first heard about its existence and started using it on a regular basis every month. I have suffered all my life from severe menstrual pain (Dysmenorhea) which have stopped me on a monthly basis from completing a full month’s work. The use of the FREELADY TENS unit has [provided menstrual pain relief] and literally added an extra 32 days a year to my life, days that I used to spend at home in utter despair!
Over the last year I have not missed a day from work due to my condition. For that I am eternally grateful for the arrival in Australia of the FREELADY TENS unit.


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*Pain Management & Research Centre, Melbourne Australia.
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