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FreeMOM TENS - Customer Feedback

Spring 2009 ISSUE 13 Page 111

By now you should have received the TENS machine back! What a week!! I just wanted to thank you again, and to add further feedback to my comments - My first birth I delivered our baby in the shower, while my husband ran hot water on my lower back. This time, I used the TENS machine and I didn't even want a shower, I felt the machine was far more effective than the hot water and I didn't want to take it off!! I also slept with it on for the uterus contractions during the night and it helped with the cramping.
Warmest regards
A – Western Australia

The FreeMOM TENS machine made each contraction just that little bit easier. Would recommend to everyone!
A – Queensland
Used in Melbourne for first child. I used FreeMOM for ten hrs of labour then last three hrs epidural as had a caesarian. Everything was made easy and great service.
L – Auckland, New Zealand
Thank you so much for coming all the way over to our place to deliver the FreeMOM TENS and explain how it works. Even though I ended up having an emergency cesarean, the 2 days that I used the FreeMOM TENS were fantastic – it worked really really well, much better than I expected.

If I am ever fortunate enough to be in labour again, I’ll definitely use it again.

Thank you very much.
I want to thank you very much for selling me the wonderful Freemom TENS unit. I gave birth to my second daughter after a very short, drug-free labour, using the TENS unit and gas.
I really wanted to give birth without an epidural, and I am certain that using the TENS enabled me to do this. The TENS did exactly what you said it would do: it distracted me from my contraction pains both physically and mentally. In fact, using the TENS was a bit like playing with a new toy during labour.

I wish I had known for my previous labour how successful the TENS unit would be - I feel sure that if I had used it for that first labour, I would not have needed the epidural that I ended up having.

I also used TENS to manage my after-birth pains when breast feeding, during the first 24 hours in hospital and found it worked well.

Your instructions - both on the DVD and in person, when I came to collect the unit - were fantastic and gave me all the confidence I needed to use the machine properly. In fact, your instructions also helped prepare me for labour - reminding me of what to expect during the whole process. I am sending this in an email to you (rather than telephoning) so that you can use any part of my email as a testimonial.

Thanks again!
N – Victoria

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