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Important information

TENS is not a medication, is non-invasive and has no harmful side effects when used appropriately.
TENS is used for pain management and muscle stimulation. TENS does not cure the disease process causing the pain. Pain may serve as a protective mechanism, and can be an important clinical symptom.
TENS may interfere with the use of Electronic medical devices. Eg pacemakers. (Please refer to your clinician for additional information)

The TENS device must be OFF before connecting or removing cables or electrodes attached to your skin.
TENS should not be used to alleviate an undiagnosed pain syndrome, until your clinician has established its cause.

TENS devices can affect the operation of cardiac pacemakers if placed incorrectly on your body.
The FREELADY should not be used for ovulation pain (mid-cycle pain)
The FREELADY should not be used while fertility problems are being evaluated, diagnosed or treated.
The FREELADY should not be used during pregnancy or delivery and preferably not during breast feeding.
If you have any concerns regarding the use of TENS for your situation, consult your clinician.

Skin Irritation
Prolonged stimulation and placement of electrodes on the same area of skin may cause skin irritation.
Consult your clinician prior to commencement of treatment.
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