STAGE 2 - Pushing phase

(Please DO NOT PRESS or USE the boost button for this application)

STEP 6 - Once you are fully dilated you will no longer push the boost button

Slowly turn up/increase the amplitude control in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise) until the “tingling” sensation is strong but comfortable.

STEP 7 - Internal fetal monitoring

If internal fetal monitoring is required during this phase, you may be requested by the midwife to pull out the cable plug from the base of the FreeMOM TENS stimulator. The FreeMOM TENS can be reconnected by plugging in the cable once monitoring is complete.

Step 8 - Induction / After birth pains

If labour is unduced or you experience ‘after birth pains’ and you feel pain associated with contraction of the uterus, refer to the additional application pages on the menu.