STAGE 1 - Contraction phase

Once contractions have started

STEP 1 - Prepare the skin

Please read all the steps below before you start preparing the skin.

It is important to apply the labour electrodes on the lower back, that’s why you cannot see the ladies neck or shoulders in the above photo.

As a guide or template consider placing the labour electrode packaging on the lower back to help identify the best place to clean and prepare the skin.

Once you have identified the area of the lower back that requires preparation.

Open the Pre-TENS skin preparation wipe attached to the labour electrode packaging. 
Remove the wipe from its packaging and use the tissue wipe to prepare and wipe the skin at the labour electrode placement site referred above.
After wiping the skin wait approx. 10-15 seconds to allow the wiped skin to dry and dispose the wipe safely.

STEP 2 - Apply the labour electrodes

Make sure the FreeMOM TENS is turned OFF (green light is off) before you proceed.

a) Try and keep your back straight when the labour electrodes are applied.
Tip: While someone prepares your back consider using things around you to assist support you to keep your back straight. 

  • consider holding onto the back of a chair; or
  • lean against a wall; or 
  • lean on a kitchen bench.

b) Ensure you leave a gap between the spine and each electrode of approx. 1-2 finger’s width either side of the spine.

c) Start applying the labour electrodes from the bottom up, best below the intergluteal cleft/crease (butt crack) and move up the back.

(Tip: Applying the labour electrodes from the top down tends to result in the labour electrodes positioning too high or too low in relation to the lower back)

d) While the battery lid is open, fit the battery and connect the cable plug into the socket at the base of the FreeMOM TENS stimulator. Fit the cable plug from the side of the base that connects to the battery lid. Wrap the battery lid around the cable and slide and close the lid. The fitted cable will now be secure. The cables red and black plug is taken up and under clothing through your collar. Connect the cables red and black plugs (The plug color is not important) into the labour electrodes sockets by using a pushing and twisting action. Please the lanyard around your neck so your hands are free when you do not have to push the boost button.

STEP 3 - Set-up the boost button

Hold down the boost button and slowly turn up the amplitude control in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise) until the “tingling” is strong but comfortable. Release your thumb from the boost button, you should feel the sensation on your back drop away/subside.

STEP 4 - Wait for the next contraction

Once you experience another contraction, (see below) press down on the boost button with a ‘flat’ thumb of one hand, use the pointer finger from your other hand to slowly turn the amplitude control in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise) until the “tingling” is strong but comfortable. Once the contraction subsides release your thumb from the boost button.