Helpful hints


Store the FreeMOM TENS kit and electrodes in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. 

For example, avoid storing the FreeMOM TENS kit and electrodes in a vehicle or near a heater for any length of time.

The labour electrodes can be removed and re-applied many times during your ‘birthing experience’ however the electrodes should be stored in their original packaging when not applied to your skin and should be disposed of after the birth of your baby.

When ever you use the FreeMOM TENS ensure you keep the FreeMOM TENS kit and labour electrode packaging together and accessible.

For example, labour commences at home and you travel to hospital. You may decide to have a shower at the hospital. You will need access to the labour electrode packaging to store the labour electrodes so they remain safe and clean.


showers and baths

The FreeMOM TENS device and electrodes are not waterproof.

If you plan to have a shower or bath, please remove and store the electrodes on their original shiny backing sheet and insert this into the packaging before entering the shower or bath.

The Pre TENS skin wipes applied to your lower back is waterproof and leaves a thin barrier on your skin for 24 hours.

After your shower or bath, it is not necessary to use another Pre TENS skin wipe to prepare your skin. Ask your partner, friend, or family to assist to gently dab/pat dry your back with a towel to absorb excess moisture before reapplying the electrodes.