Prepare the FreeMOM TENS stimulator

Step 1

Always use a fresh 9V Alkaline battery.

Place the FreeMOM TENS in one hand and open the battery compartment lid by gently pressing down with your thumb on the lid and sliding the lid down.

Insert one of the batteries into the battery compartment.

(2 fresh batteries are supplied with the kit)

Step 2

While the battery compartment lid is open. Insert the supplied cable plug into the socket in the base of the FreeMOM TENS stimulator. Close the battery compartment lid by wrapping the lid over the cable and sliding it into place.

Step 3

Important the FreeMOM TENS kit is turned OFF (no lights on) before you connect the cables to the electrodes.

Step 4

Connect the red and black plugs into the electrode sockets by pushing and twisting the plugs into the labour electrode white sockets.

(the cable plug colours are NOT important)