Purchase FreeMOM TENS Labour Pain Management Kit


How much is the FreeMOM TENS kit to buy?
AUD $295

FreeMOM TENS device AUD $260
Labour Electrodes AUD $35 
The FreeMOM TENS has a 200 hour lifetime.

The FreeMOM TENS kit includes:
1 x FreeMOM TENS Labour Pain Management device 
1 x set of labour electrodes
1 x cable 
4 x TENS skin preparation wipes
2 x 9V Alkaline batteries
1 x set of After birth electrodes
1 x instruction manual/guide
It is important to understand that the FreeMOM TENS device and electrodes included with the pack are not waterproof and will be compromised with excessive exposure to heat so please keep the pack in a cool location.

Should you attend an information session?
Absolutely. Over 10,000+ mothers have completed our questionnaire reporting women that received TENS pre-natal education prior to the use of their labour, rated this as 92% effective for pain relief. 

We encourage you and your partner to attend a class on how to use the FreeMOM TENS with one of the following health care professionals:
Childbirth and Parenting Educator (CAPEA formerly NACE)
Midwife (ACM)
Physiotherapist - Womens Health Specialist (APA)