"I found the TENS to be an excellent tool at helping manage the intensity of labour"

- Marnie

"Your service was fantastic and easy thank you very much.......The FreeMOM TENS itself was fantastic......We took them off for the shower then reapplied...... I will definitely hire again if we have more babies. Thank you very much!!!

- Hannah

"Very happy with the service over the phone and email. Love your FreeMOM TENS I used it soley for both of my children"

- Nicola 

"Thank you for the service you provide. The FreeMOM TENS helped me have a drug-free labour. It provided good distraction and relief from my contractions. I used it the entire time in the birthing suite. The pre-training was also of a very high standard. The trainer was very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you so much for helping me have a more comfortable, drug free birth experience as we welcomed our son into the world"

- Bianca 

"What a great device. It deserves more recognition and needs more advertisement. It completely exceeded my expectations. I did not even use drugs and was able to give a natural birth."

- Sidouia 

"The FreeMOM TENS was the only pain relief I used (and needed) until the transition phase. Couldn't have done it without this!!"

- Maiko

"Was amazing and allowed me to remain home longer and limit the pain relief."

- Ellese

"Used solely for 5 hrs and 1.5 hrs with gas. Worked really well."

- Jessica 

"Excellent,. Used for all 3 labours."

- Jara 

"Thank you for supplying us again (second time round) with a fabulous service. I highly recommend the FreeMOM TENS to women during labour and highly recommend your service, it couldn’t be a more user friendly service. Thank you again"

- Hollie

"This was my second pregnancy and I found the FreeMOM TENS very helpful in the labour. It helped with the pain during contractions and made my labour more bearable. Thank you for the lovely service I received! I couldn't recommend TENS Australia highly enough."

- Yvone

"I only have positive feedback to give. I attended the TENS info session at the hospital on the Tuesday and went into labour earlier than expected the following weekend. I didn't get a chance to watch the DVD that was provided but clearly the training at that session sunk in as I remembered how to use the FreeMOM TENS based on that because it was easy and straight forward and he let us test it out on our arms which helped too. Thank you. I will recommend TENS Australia to friends going into labour in the future!"

- Beth

"By now you should have received the freeMOM TENS back! I just wanted to thank you again, and to add further feedback to my comments. My first birth I delivered our baby in the shower, while my husband ran hot water on my lower back. This time, I used the FreeMOM TENS and I didn't even want a shower. I felt the FreeMOM TENS was far more effective than the hot water and I didn't want to take it off! I also slept with it on for the uterus contractions during the night and it helped with the cramping.  Warmest regards"

A - WA

"the FreeMOM TENS made each contraction just that little bit easier. I recommend to everyone!"


"I want to thank you very much for selling me the wonderful FreeMOM TENS unit. I gave birth to my second daughter after a very short, drug-free labour, using the FreeMOM TENS and gas. I really wanted to give birth without an epidural, and I am certain that using the TENS enabled me to do this. The TENS did exactly what you said it would do: it distracted me from my contraction pain both physically and  mentally. In fact, using the TENS was a bit like playing with a toy during labour. 

I wish I had known for my previous  labour how successful the TENS would be - I feel sure that if I had used it for that first labour, I would not have needed the epidural that I ended up having. 

I also used the FreeMOM TENS to manage my after-birth pains when breast feeding, during the first 24 hours in hospital and found it worked well.

Your instructions - both on the video and in person, when I came to collect the unit were fantastic and gave me all the confidence I needed to use the machine properly. In fact, your instructions also helped prepare me for labour. Reminding me of what to expect during the whole process."