It’s 2am and a pregnant Emma has woken up in labour. Her partner Chris helps her attach her FreeMOM TENS device to help her manage her labour pain. As soon as the TENS device is activated, it automatically synchronises with the Tracktions app. The app notifies the hospital that Emma’s contractions have started. It sends an SMS notification to her obstetrician or midwife to notify them that her baby is on its way. Emma doesn’t have to do anything except use her FreeMOM TENS machine to manage her pain during labour. And all the while, it’s keeping track of the frequency and duration of her contractions and sending this information to the support team who will help her deliver her baby into the world.
It’s our goal at TENS Australia to encourage health professionals to work together to support expectant mothers and their families.

The Tracktions app was born from this vision. A contraction monitoring app will be available soon, Tracktions can be synchronised with a FreeMOM TENS device, which allows the transmission of contraction information during labour to the health professionals that need to see it.

The Tracktions App can:
• Track contraction duration and frequency
• Send contraction information directly to the connected hospital, obstetrician, midwife and other health professionals responsible for supporting a mother during labour
• Do all of this automatically when connected to a FreeMOM TENS device.